About The Artist

Internationally acclaimed Sports Artist, Jon Allyn is driven to honor today’s athletes for their passion, character and commitment by creating personalized, dynamic, dry brush paintings and artistic impressions for Home Décor.

An athlete's experiences and memorable moments disappear as time diminishes our recollection of these events. Sadly, the occasional snapshot taken at a sporting event was often the only means of preserving their memories, accomplishments, heroic moments and in some cases even their legacy. Worse yet, most of these snapshots were tucked away in a drawer, in an old shoe box or hastily placed in a flimsy album.

Jon believes the dedication of these individuals and their families warrant greater recognition.

Combining his skills as a Master Artist and a Master of Photography, Jon Allyn produces a unique product line of creative Sports Art for individuals, families and coaches throughout the country.

Jon’s roots are in Milwaukee but the recognition of his sports art is world-wide. He has been honored with over 400 awards including numerous Photographer of the Year and Artist of the Year titles, World Cup Honors, induction in the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Hall of Fame, induction in the Camera Craftsmen of America and Fellowship in the American Society of Photographers.

Jon is more passionate than ever to honor athletes and push the limits of artistic expression by creating new and exciting work for his clients.