April 2016 Cover of Hartland Pathways
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016
By Jon Allyn
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April 2016 Cover of Hartland Pathways - Behind the Scenes in Photoshop Layers from Jon Allyn on Vimeo.

While brainstorming ideas for a personal and unique family portrait, Mark and Deborah Sexton told me that they recently taught the kids how to ski. Garrett and Brooke quickly became addicted to skiing and spent as much time as they could on the slopes at Little Switzerland. This spawned an idea for the cover photo for Hartland Pathways. I remembered a Christmas card from some friends in Iowa that featured he and his wife in a huge snowball rolling down a hill.

Instead of portraying the novice skiers in this perilous predicament, I felt that it would be much more humorous to have the parents tumbling down the hill as the kids looked on. I could feel the energy and excitement they were experiencing as I was explaining the concept over the phone.

First, I searched my background collection to find the scene that would give me the necessary composition, perspective, and lighting. Next, my willing and eager subjects brought their equipment, enthusiasm and blind faith to my studio so I could create my resource files.

Each person and various pieces of equipment were photographed as if the scene were real. The backgrounds were removed and all the pieces were layered into the snow scene. (Over 200 separate layers once it was all said and done)

Roughly 60 hours later, the composite was complete.

The success of these magazine covers can be attributed to the family's trust in me to produce a once-in-a-lifetime portrait experience. This gives me the confidence to push the envelop on their behalf. The ultimate goal is to create a lifetime memory for them to share.

"Hey, do you remember when Jon Allyn photographed us? That sure was fun."

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